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Natural Aroma is a small family owned and operated business located in the Northern Beaches of beautiful Mackay, Queensland.

I have been making my handmade soaps since 2007, I make them from scratch in very small batches, using a large percentage of pure Coconut and Olive oils plus extra beneficial nourishing oils and butters, such as Shea and Cocoa Butters, Avocado and Hempseed oils, each one carefully chosen for the special qualities that they bring to my soap bars. I also use Goats Milk, Coconut Milk or Cream, some contain fresh dairy cream or Rice Bran Milk, these all add a extra creaminess and moisturising qualities to my soap bars.

My business grew from a concern of my children being exposed to the chemicals used in our every-day skin care products. After having a closer look at the ingredients contained in the products we were using in our home, I discovered they were filled with lots of different chemicals, chemicals that had been linked to many of the health concerns that seem to be epidemic in our society today.

Even the so called "natural soaps" I found in my search for natural products, contained synthetic fragrances known to cause a multitude of health concerns. Just because a product says its "Natural" does not mean that it does not contain any chemicals! Yes it might contain some natural ingredients, but the chances are, it may also contain many chemicals as well. Please do not just trust all the claims that some Companies make, check for yourself the ingredients contained in the product you are using or want to use, they should be all shown on the product label or the website where you are buying from.

Handmade Pledge

Studies have shown that any chemicals we use on our skin enters our bloodstream within minutes! eg the medical patches some of us use on our skin, yes they do penetrate! When we hop into that nice warm bath or shower, the heat opens up our pores and allows any products we are using to enter our bloodstream even faster. If those products contain chemicals, we are risking not only skin irritations such as dry itchy skin, eczema or dermatitis, but much more serious health problems.

This information made me adamant that I wanted a soap bar that was made from mainly pure, natural ingredients, ingredients I could pronounce and knew to be natural, ingredients that would help stop my skin from feeling dry and itchy every time I used a product with artificial synthetic chemicals. It was then that I decided to start making my own natural handmade soap so I would be sure my children and myself were using natural, chemical-free soap bars.

Natural soap should not be a luxury to treat yourself on special occasions, but something you and your family use every day for a much healthier alternative to chemical filled detergent soap that we buy from our supermarkets. Yes these soaps may be cheaper, but read the labels carefully and see what sorts of chemicals are contained in them, can you read, pronounce and understand what these ingredients are? We readily spend $8 or more on laundry detergent to wash our clothes, our health is so much more important!

My goal is to offer my customers the highest quality, natural handmade soaps, soaps that you can trust are not filled with all those nasty chemicals.

About Our Soaps

I believe that all natural is best, that is why you will not find any synthetic fragrances contained in my soaps, they are one of the single biggest causes of skin irritations and sensitivities in toiletries and cosmetics. Why spoil a natural product with artificial fragrances? I choose to use only pure plant-derived, aromatherapy essential oils for their therapeutic properties.

ALL of the ingredients contained in my handmade soaps are clearly listed for you to see exactly what is contained in them. You will not find any harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, animal fats, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, artificial foam boosters or detergents in any of our pure and natural soaps, no hidden nasties.

Natural Aroma handmade soaps are extremely gentle and soothing with a luxurious lather that will help to leave your skin feeling wonderfully clean, soft and silky, without that dried out feel you can get from normal shop bought soap. They contain no harmful ingredients, so you will feel the difference in your skin and know you are giving your skin a chance to be truly healthy.

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